The Firm Vidue S.p.A. started production in1978 as limited partnership, which specialized in wood lacquering on behalf of a third party.
A few years later, the company became a joint stock company, enlarging its own production with semi-manufactured products in wood, frames,molding, and doors which were assigned to the furniture and door industry..
The Head-office is in Pravisdomini, Italy,near Pordenone, where 48 employees and different collaborators work.
Vidue 's technological know-how has widened to include new painting and surface treatment techniques as well as techniques for wood and wood products.
Our superior products and variety enables you the customer to find the match you need.
The real evolution for Vidue happened when the company became the leader of several different firms facilitating an enviroment where they are able to work with synergy producing semi-manufactured and finished product.